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On 03/23/2009 12:30 AM, norman wrote:
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> The most useful of all the suggestions. I have a Dell laptop and it came
> with the Wifi switch in the off position. I switched it on and the
> connection was made.
> Norman

Apparently they do ship with them off (probably because they don't want
them to accidentally fire up in enroute. You might find this somewhat
amusing (or not):

[Out and About: Buying U.S. no guarantee of U.S. care]
The retired FAA engineer is an insurer’s dream. He’ll buy every type of
insurance and warranty to secure good service when things go wrong.

But a new Dell laptop raised his ire when the company’s around-the-world
service proved inefficient.

Bowen, about a month ago, bought a Dell Studio 17 laptop — loaded, and
with a price tag of $2,200. When he called the company to activate the
wireless feature, he was connected to someone in another country.

And Dell's apology:
[Out and About: After story, Dell offers an apology]
Hank Bowen had spent hours on the phone trying to get assistance to
activate wireless service on his new Dell laptop. But it wasn’t the Dell
overseas customer service rep that solved his problem. It was the Geek
Squad at a nearby Best Buy store.

Dell apologized.

"There was a failure to figure what kind of wireless card it was. In the
end, he got some help but, because we couldn’t help him, we do
apologize,” said spokeswoman Harjit Kaur. It was "a simple issue of
communication,” she said.

For ($99 a month or $179 a year) you can talk to someone in the US...
What a deal!-)

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