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Mon Mar 23 14:25:11 UTC 2009

Raymond Land wrote:
> Hello to all and especially to anyone who can help.  I just received 
> my first laptop from Dell using the Ubuntu system.  I am NOT very 
> astute with computers and struggle with some of the lingo so if you 
> respond understand that I may need clarification on some things.
> I use a Dell computer at home and purchased the laptop so that I could 
> have email and web access when I am away from the house.  My biggest 
> problem is this. I have not been able to access the web via WiFi.  I 
> contacted Dell and was told that, because it is an Ubuntu system, I 
> must work directly with Ubuntu.  I did get one Dell Tech to speak with 
> me but he didn't have a clue as to how to solve my problem.
> When I begin, I click the Ubunto Icon, then Systems, then 
> Administration, then Network.  A window opens entitled Network 
> settings. This window offers three options for connecting to the 
> internet, one of them is Wireless Connection.  Unfortunately all of 
> the window choices are in grayscale and none of them respond to the 
> cursor.  No one at Dell knows what to do at this point and neither do I.
> Within the Network Settings Window there is a link entitled "unlock".  
> When I click this link I am prompted for an Administrator Password.  
> Where do I get this password if I need it?  The folks at Dell say they 
> don't have a clue.  Does everyone go through this?  Do I have a mfr. 
> problem?  Am I stupid?  Who can help me?
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Hi Raymond,
Click on "Unlock, and enter  your logon password, should then activate 
the previously "grayscaled " options.
Your logon password if you are the only user, is the Administrator password.
Hope this helps.
Take Care

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