Ubunto 8.10 and AVG 7.5.51

Chris Taylor chris.j.taylor at optusnet.com.au
Sun Mar 22 05:50:28 UTC 2009

On Fri, 20 Mar 2009 11:25:59 +0000, Chris Taylor wrote:

> I just downloaded AVG 7.5.51-a1423 and I can't get working correctly. I
> know I need to get license number but this is only the free ver so where
> do I get that from.
> terminal window output
> AVG7 Anti-Virus command line scanner
> Copyright (c) 2007 GRISOFT, s.r.o.
> Program version 7.5.51, engine 442
> Virus Database: Version 269.19.5/1228  2008-01-16 Previous registered
> license number: 70FREE-TX-IB-P1-C01-S139FC-327 Enter license number:

Thanks to everyone that has replied may it have been about IE not sure 
where that came from but anyway.

As I see now I don't really need a AV for linux stand alone system BUT is 
it not the responsibility of everyone to make sure that they don't pass a 
virus onto family, friends and other users alike. I do use a windows 
software from the ATO that is Etax, So I would like to make sure that I 
have no worms trojens or other unwanted.

I'm still very new to linux and ubuntu but so glad I have made the change 
from dark side. Wish I had done this many many years ago!!
I do like someone's option of "Windows in a virtual environment 
(VirtuaBox for instance)" Would like to learn and hear more about this. 
Any help would be appreciated

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