Ubunto 8.10 and AVG 7.5.51

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at chrononomicon.com
Fri Mar 20 19:03:24 UTC 2009

NoOp wrote:
> On 03/20/2009 10:45 AM, Dotan Cohen wrote:
>>> (non-AV-isn't needed on linux folks)
>> I'm sorry that it came out like that.
>> I have moved over 20 people from Windows XP / Vista to Fedora and
>> Kubuntu.  About half wanted antivirus installed. While I do believe
>> that there is a place for antivirus software in Linux, a home user
>> using it to protect his system from malware is not the place.
>> Currently, there is no malware (in the sense that Windows users use
>> the term) for Linux desktops. That _will_ change. But when that day
>> comes the types of antivirus currently available for Linux will not
>> protect against it.
>> If the OP is configuring a mailserver, then by all means install
>> antivirus. It would be irresponsible not to.
> JFC on a pogo stick! When will folks realize that there *IS* a good
> reason for some people to install an AV on a linux system in certain
> environments. Further, when will people on this list stop the "you don't
> need an AV" when someone/anyone asks a question about the installation
> of an AV program. You/we have no idea what the OP's reason is to wishing
> to install AVG, nor should we care; the OP ask a question regarding an
> installation, he/she didn't ask anyone's opinion whether it is
> necessary. Here, let me repeat the OP's entire post:


Because they shouldn't stress over it if they are holding a mistaken 
belief, or one that isn't a huge worry for them?

And I for one didn't say he shouldn't have one or couldn't have one, 
just that there are times where it is used on Linux (like mail servers, 
clamav in particular) and times where it's not as helpful. He then 
followed up asking about what kind is recommended, I said Clamav on mail 
servers (I believe he's setting up an FTP server, if you're saying we 
don't know why he wants it) and for on-access instead of on-demand use 
I've heard good things about f-prot and AVG on Windows, and use AVG for 
Windows myself.

But I don't want to perpetuate the belief that
A) AV are essential on Linux
B) An AV product is a cure-all or armor. It's a band aid. And they can 
cause problems, as I've had to fight with various packages on different 
systems over the past many years.

So don't be surprised if someone tells them they can calm down a bit 
when it comes to using AV on this platform...they don't need to stress 
over like certain other platforms do. If they want it that's their 
choice, if they are using it in the appropriate context..mail server, 
file server...then here's a couple pennies of info to consider.

> Now *please* get off the harping on whether a user (home or otherwise)
> should, or should not use an AV (or any other program) on *their*
> system! They are free to use whatever the hell *they* decide to
> install/use on *their* system.

...not to mention there are ALTERNATIVE things he may not have thought 
of, such as if running a mail server (I believe that's not his intention 
according to followups) stripping all executables out of email, large 
attachments, and sanitizing contents. Oddly enough malware doesn't seem 
to survive email when those are stuck in the mix, along with clamAV if 
you want to stop phishing attempts as well. For all we know he used AVG 
on Windows and looked there first for Linux, when ClamAV has a huge 
reputation on the Linux platform and little if any exposure on Windows.

Are you saying there's a problem with pointing out alternatives or 
possibilities not considered? I don't personally really care what AV he 
runs or if he wants to spend time getting it running. I just thought I'd 
give what info I did have in case he would get another perspective from it.

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