xorg.conf question

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Thu Mar 19 18:51:23 UTC 2009

Dotan Cohen wrote:

>>> The newer *buntus are using bulletproof X, which by default dos not
>>> use xorg.conf.
>> Not quite - it always uses xorg.conf, but by default there isn't much in
>> there.
> I meant that a new system has a blank xorg.conf. I should have worded
> more carefully.

That's why I said "not quite" - I could see where you were heading...
>> I have rarely managed to add anything new there with complete success the
>> first time, but that's not what he's suggesting.  If he has a working
>> xorg.conf now, I would _absolutely_ recommend keeping a copy, installing
>> his new release - and if X isn't working as desired, try reinstalling his
>> own version.
> He should definitely keep a copy, but in my experience just dropping
> the old xorg.conf file did not solve an issue. Details are fuzzy as it
> was not recently, nor was it my own machine.

You're right - it doesn't always work.  I had, on gutsy, a dual-screen setup
that worked fine, upgraded to Hardy and got an auto-configured Xorg.conf
that didn't work, dropped in the old one, and it didn't _quite_ work
either - there was still some playing around to make it work properly. 
Then I upgraded to Kubuntu 8.10, and dual-screens became completely

Using your previously working xorg.conf is ime usually a better starting
point when the auto-configuration doesn't work at all, but it's certainly
not guaranteed.

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