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> > Did you?
> No - I had no reason to as the pertinent points had already been
> covered by Chris and Norberto.
> Your contribution did nothing other than to belittle the original
> poster by telling them that they were "wrong". The irony is, of
> course, that this is the "wrong" message to give out to people who
> take the trouble to post to this particular list. Please bear this in
> mind when replying to posters on this list - being flippant is never a
> good thing.
> Steve
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   As someone who was critically challenged at the on-set of this Linux
learning curve I would like to offer a bit of advice to the newbie
   attempting to resolve their Linux concerns. In my estimation if one sees
Linux as an adventure and decides from the get-go that
   he or she will come in contact with all sorts of users some sadly need
these lists as a platform because of the emotional baggage
   they harbor and it gives them great joy to be a source of frustration to
the newbie. However to avoid this type of thing I look for and
   usually find with time the other type of user. The helpful user with
empathy who remember when they were new and offers sincere
   help and guidance.
   And I take advantage I guess and use these helpful folks as a mentor.
Plus its amazing how many great folks there are out there.
   I have triple boot, no windows and I have also discovered some lists are
more prone to be representative of their particular list then

   Allen Meyers
   Ubuntu, Debian, Suse user

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