Dual boot XP/ubuntu and symbolic links from XP to Kubuntu

Alan_Dacey at horizonblue.com Alan_Dacey at horizonblue.com
Wed Mar 11 18:46:58 UTC 2009

>. . . 
>I do not want to copy all my user files from XP onto the Linux
>partition.  To this end I have learned (via this forum) how to mount the
>xp/ntfs partition at boot up and now the XP file structure (of C:) 
>. . . 
>From within Kubuntu the xp folder containing the e-mails is owned by
>root: and all groups can view & modify.  This is also true of the
>individual e-mail boxes/files.
> From within Kubuntu/thunderbird the folder containing the e-mails is
>owned by stephanos (the only user) and owner can view & Modify.  Group
>and Others are forbidden.  The individual e-mail boxes/files clearly
>state that they are links and do not have permissions.
>1) Is what I am trying to achieve impossible or have I missed something?
>2) Should I be turning those permissions that say Forbidden into Can 
>View & Modify?
>Any help appreciated

The first question I ask is why are you even linking?  Why not just 
use the folders on your C drive as your data folders for the email?

Anyway, What you are trying to do should be possible, but some more 
information would be nice. :)
You said that you mounted it at boot?  What is the relevant line in
your fstab file?  Also if you could ls -al the directory and post here 
so that we could see the details of the links you made?

I also do the same thing with my computer and have no problems with 
what you are describing, but it has been a while since I set it up. 
Off the top of my head, I seem to remember having problems with the 
line in /etc/fstab.  I think it should end with   0  0  (zero  zero)
I think you may also have to change the ownership of the folder
ie:  sudo chown stephanos stephanos
(I only guessed at the stephanos'es, check your system first!)

If that doesn't work try changing the permissions on the folder using
the chmod command


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