Laptop lockups

steve sfreilly at
Wed Mar 11 11:47:45 UTC 2009

Bart Silverstrim wrote:
> I have a friend that is running 8.04 on a Dell Precision M2300. He tried 
> using 8.10 on it, but said that it would lock up tight at random time 
> intervals. He said the logs were empty of errors from the time of the 
> freezes, pointer locked, keyboard, etc...nothing responded. Not even 
> connecting remotely from another system into the laptop would work, so 
> even the network stack stopped responding.
> He reverted to 8.04 and said it's okay with him because it works fine 
> for his needs, but did anyone else run into behavior like this in moving 
> 8.04 to 8.10?
> -Bart

wasnt a laptop, but I had exactly the same problem with a compaq
desktop, about 3 years old.  athlon xp3200 , 1 gig ram, never had
problems til I used 8.10.  thought it was running hot, added another
case fan, still locked up.  tried replacing power supply, still locked
up.  switched ram out, still locked up.  checked capacitors for bulging,
long shot with the newness, but didnt see anything worth reporting.  all
this over the period of maybe a couple months, waiting for possibly
updates to cure an unseen problem.  The box is now given to a
computerless friend of my sons, running 8.04 and going strong!

PS.  that 11 yr old is loving linux.  his mom says hes browsing synaptic
every night looking for new games to download and play.  I may have to
pick him up a larger drive now!

Steve Reilly

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