Help! Installing 8.10 on Server - errors!!!!

Lucio M Nicolosi lmnicolosi at
Tue Mar 10 02:44:22 UTC 2009

On Mon, Mar 9, 2009 at 8:09 PM, Jonathan Harrison
<Jonathan-harrison at> wrote:
> Hi Lucio
> I had a go. After start I did load from CD. Got the menu. Pressed F6, got the text string at foot. Tried:
> Delete quiet and added text below, then enter... Failed
> Tried in front of quiet... Failed
> Tried Esc, F6 added text failed
> Anyother suggestions, please.?

Jonathan, while in this list, please trim and bottom post your messages.

What kind of hardware is yours? What kind of Video Board are you using? PCI-Ex?

Please check:

and see if something applies.

Removing the splash and quiet options only enable you to see what's
going on with the boot process, step by step, nothing to do with your
actual problem.


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