norman norman at
Sun Mar 8 12:09:35 UTC 2009

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> > OK - take a look at this bug I filed against GIMP:
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> > 

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I carried out the instructions given in the bug report the only
difference being that in order to make it happen the 2 lines needed to
be preceded by sudo. Next, I tested by copying some .xcf files to a
memory stick, and they all appeared as the generic blue icon. So, I
loaded Gimp to be sure that the plug-in was there and that it had been
activated. It was there, so I closed Gimp and again copied the files to
the memory stick and they appeared as thumbnails. The files were then
copied from the memory stick to a blank folder and, again, they appeared
as thumbnails. One interesting thing was that as the files were copied
they initially appeared as the generic blue icon and then changed to the

This seems to confirm the findings reported and thank you Chris.


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