norman norman at
Sat Mar 7 17:39:46 UTC 2009

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> OK - take a look at this bug I filed against GIMP:
> The gist of it is that (IMO) GIMP should create a gconf key when
> installed to offer itself as a thumbnail service for XCF files.  It
> does not.  If you create a new XCF file, a thumbnail is created.  If
> you just open and close an XCF file in GIMP, the thumbnail is created.
>  However, if you copy over a XCF file (like from a backup) no
> thumbnail is created.  Since I'm a graphic designer by trade, this
> annoyed me quite a bit - but adding those keys via gconf (and
> installing the plug-in) has worked for several months now.
> Occasionally one will fail, but at least I can open a directory full
> of XCF files and 99% of them will get previews.
> I've also added keys to tell GIMP to thumbnail my PSD files.
I will follow your example and see if it will help me as it appears to
have helped you. Let's hope that the Gimp developers will catch up in
the not to distant future.


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