cable broadband and dialup modem

Ray Parrish crp at
Tue Mar 3 01:58:49 UTC 2009

Robert Holtzman wrote:
> Is there any way to have cable broadband and a dialup modem operable on 
> the same computer (not operating simultaneously)? The dialup connection 
> would be for a separate ISP than the cable connection. Would there be a 
> conflict created by adding the dialup ISP's DNS addresses at the end 
> of those for the existing cable ISP? What other problems that I'm not 
> foreseeing?
> I'm trying to figure out a way to use *spit* Cox broadband for browsing 
> and downloading linux distros and the dialup ISP for mail and news.
Just curious here...Why? That will make your mail and news pretty slow. 
I still have the email address I used when I was on dial-up, as I pay 
the old isp a small fee for continuing to use it, but I download it 
through my new DSL connection, which is much faster.

Later, Ray Parrish

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