2.6.26 kernel in hardy?

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Tue Mar 3 00:41:02 UTC 2009

On 03/02/2009 09:14 AM, H.S. wrote:
> Nils Kassube wrote:
>> H.S. wrote:
>>> I was hoping that Intrepid had 2.6.26 in its repos.
>> That has nothing to do with LTS. It is the same with every Ubuntu 
>> version. Some time before the release date there is a decision which 
>> kernel (and other software) version will be supplied with the upcoming 
>> release. For Intrepid there was 2.6.27 available in time and therefore 
>> that version was used and not 2.6.26. For Ubuntu there is a release 
>> schedule of 6 months between releases. For the kernel there is no such 
>> schedule.
> Okay. Thanks for this clarifications.
> Are there by any chance other repos, perhaps Ubuntu community repos
> (non-Canonical repos), which have such packages available for Ubuntu?

It was pretty short lived:



However if you are really determined:

But that seems like a crap shoot to me...

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