2.6.26 kernel in hardy?

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at gatech.edu
Mon Mar 2 17:14:57 UTC 2009

H.S. wrote:
> Nils Kassube wrote:
>> H.S. wrote:
>>> The difference, or the reason for my OP here, is that even Intrepid
>>> doesn't seem to have 2.6.26, only 2.6.27. If it did, it wouldn't have
>>> been a problem.
>> Usually there is only one kernel version available for individual Ubuntu 
>> versions. It is the kernel version which was distributed with the 
>> original release. There will be bug fixes but not a new kernel version. 
>> The kernel distributed with 8.04 was 2.6.24-15 (IIRC) and now we have 
>> 2.6.24-23 but don't expect to find 2.6.25 or even higher versions for 
> Okay. I understand this in Hardy, which is LTS. But it looks like
> Intrepid had only 2.6.27 kernel. Did Ubuntu skip 2.6.26 altogether?

Yes, and most people would consider this a good thing.  2.6.27 is
supposed to be better than 2.6.26 and 2.6.26 obviously can't be
supported indefinitely.  As for your webcam, I assume you filed a bug,
and it should be fixed in due course in an update to Intrepid's 2.6.27.

Matt Flaschen

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