Jaunty Jackalope..9.04

Moses Gingerich moses_gingerich at sil.org
Sat Jun 27 01:02:06 UTC 2009

Ladies and Gentleman:

I have been using Ubuntu Hardy Heron on my desktop _and_ laptop for over 
a year, but now when I upgraded to 9.04 on the Toshiba laptop it seemed 
to install properly then stopped.

The problem is now after boot and the sign-on screen all if fine, but 
after name and PW is entered it will run for about 4 -5 seconds with the 
"busy" led at the HDD then stopping and the tan screen is blank with no 
further action at all.

It is non-functional totally. Leaving it alone for an hour or so makes 
no difference. I even re-booted with the Ubuntu Heron system CD trying 
to get it to continue. I can't reinstall 9.04 since there are no input 
screen possibilities.

Any ideas?

TNX, I love Linux!

Waxhaw NC

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