Connect laptop to Boost phone?

Steve Reilly sfreilly at
Tue Jun 30 23:02:39 UTC 2009

neil at wrote:

> I just figured it would be possible to use the Internet access
> the phone already has.

it would  be nice if it was that easy, believe me, ive tried many times
on different carriers.  i believe when the phone registers on the
network, voice, or net, it provides info, imei, and other info about
whats connected to it (or not)  to tether the phone it would have to be
registered to do that, and apparently like you found out when asking,
boost unfortunately doesnt support tethering.  the rates cell co's
charge are absolutely ridiculous as far as im concerned, att charges
double for my laptop card what i pay for time warner home service and
cap at 5gb to boot.


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