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Res wrote:
> On Tue, 30 Jun 2009, NoOp wrote:
>> 'controversy' interesting. I may give Jörg's suggestions a try, but
>> unfortunately the only CD/DVD R/W drive that I have is on this
>> production machine, so I can't easily test. Plus I've not had any issue
>> (yet) on my BenQ drive, so I'm hesitant to mess with it just now.
> if you just use make , make install , it will place everything in
> /opt/schilly, so you can call it directly by path to test it, and not
> interfere with debians screwed up fork, it wont install anywhere else
> unless
> you tell it to with ' make INS_BASE=prefix install ' command
	As it happens if you use the ftp route it also puts it in that
directory. It is a fine place but if your not aware it is used you can
have cdrecord and never know it!

73 Karl

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