Thanks David Fox - and a new problem with on-line radio

Thomas valhalla2100 at
Tue Jun 30 03:55:39 UTC 2009


Thanks very much David for your information.  Yes, I did see the
replies before I left home.  I am now going through my mail.

I think that I have another problem.  One that did not exist in my
original Ubuntu setup.  That was the ability to listen to CHML
and other Corous Radio stations (that have old radio shows).  

Before I could not get CBC Radio.  With this installation I am able
to get CBC RadioOne but not any of the Corous radio stations.

Before I was using Ubuntu 7.xx.  I am now using the latest version.

Do you by any chance know why this problem exists?



On Mon, 2009-06-29 at 19:50 -0700, David Fox wrote:

> Can one have, as with Windows, different logical drives?  Is this
> possible with Ubuntu?  I don't have a need to have all in one

Yes, but it is done differently, using mount points rather than drive
letters. There's nothing that says you can't put something like /home
(user's files) on a partition on a separate drive, provided you've set
things up in advance, and you have sufficient space in those
partitions to make meaningful use of the system. Home directories can
take up a lot of space, depending on what the space is being used for.
For example, I have a second largish partition on another drive, and I
mount it as /storage, used (mostly) for backups and for media files
that don't easily fit in my home directory (larger collections of
videos, mpegs, that sort of thing.)

LVM (which has been suggested) seems to obviate some of the setup
space problems, making it easier to just resize volumes out of an
existing pool rather than face the somewhat inevitable head-smacking
reaction that accompanies the realization that some important
partition was created with too small a size for realistic use.

Often, but not always, larger systems will put system directories such
as /tmp and /var on not only separate partitions, but separate drives
as well.

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