Bluetooth + Blackberry = ?

Shannon McMackin smcmackin at
Mon Jun 29 20:47:37 UTC 2009

On 06/28/2009 10:38 AM, Sean Carolan wrote:
>> There is an open source project for blackberries called libbarrie (or
>> somesuch). Not sure what functionality or models are supported. Blackberries
>> aren't like cameras or music players that you can just connect to and transfer
>> files. You need some helper software. At least the ones I'm familiar with.
> I think I'll wait until there's a fully-baked interface for the
> Blackberry.   Not a huge deal, just thought I'd see if the Bluetooth
> widget was actually useful for anything besides mouse and keyboard.
> Thanks.
Any media card in the BB should pop up if you enable the media card upon 
USB connection.  File transfer to the card and the device is as easy as 
drag-n-drop using Nautilus or any other file manager.

Barry can even do a full back-up and restore of the device.

I haven't tried transfers via BT yet.  Just about to get it set up again 
on my new image.

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