Bluetooth + Blackberry = ?

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Sean Carolan wrote:
>> There is an open source project for blackberries called libbarrie (or
>> somesuch). Not sure what functionality or models are supported. Blackberries
>> aren't like cameras or music players that you can just connect to and transfer
>> files. You need some helper software. At least the ones I'm familiar with.
> I think I'll wait until there's a fully-baked interface for the
> Blackberry.   Not a huge deal, just thought I'd see if the Bluetooth
> widget was actually useful for anything besides mouse and keyboard.
> Thanks.
	Guys I have a cell phone by Samsung that is tiny and opens as a regular
cell or as a Blackberry type with a almost complete keyboard. The main
drawback to all this is I am a 240 pound Old Man and the darn keys are
MUCH smaller than the ends of any of my fingers. I expect the Blackberry
keys may be larger than mine. But I can certify that trying to write a
note in the notepad is painful and full of errors. At my age even a full
size keyboard appears small...

73 Karl

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