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Thomas valhalla2100 at
Mon Jun 29 05:09:52 UTC 2009


Thanks to advice I was able to upgrade to the latest version
of Ubuntu.  I also was able to figure out a lot of steps.

This might be of help to others:


After getting the Ubuntu password problem fixed I was not 
able to do the upgrade despite many attempts. My main
problem was not wanting to delete my e/m files.  .

After a friend made me realize that there was a way out of
this problem - by putting the C hard disk in another computer
(or, as I will do, in a USB external box) and accessing it as a
secondary drive - I decided to start with a new hard drive.

This solution was complicated by the fact that the thief who
put the computer together did a RAID setup of the two hard

After a few mistakes, such as goofs like not plugging in a
cable and then into the wrong slot - I completed the hardware

As suggested I installed Windows XP (replacing VISTA) and 
then Ubuntu.  I can upgrade back to the Vista later.  I made a
mistake by making the XP's C drive only 50 GB.  I had assumed 
that Ubuntu would be installed on the rest of the 500 GB disk.
Instead it would only install in that 50 GB.  I gave Ubuntu 25 GB.
I hope to figure out how to [do whatever] to access the rest of
the hard disk - and one of the other disks (250, or 500 GB) that 
I will re-install.

After installing Ubuntu it prompted me to do an upgrade.  

Not sure but my problems might have been due to the RAID
setup.  I was not able to performed the suggested steps.  

Have a few questions, which I'll put in a 2nd e/m note.  Once I
solve the other problems I should be set to go.

My suggestion for anyone who is confronted with similar types
of problems is to consider starting with a clean computer.- ,

I was amazed at the automatic internet connection.  I did not 
have to do anything.  Windows was never so easy.

Thanks to everyone who bothered to provide me with suggestions.


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