Problems with Installing Fonts, adding Transparency to TaskBar and making Dropdown Menu less "fat"

NoOp glgxg at
Sat Jun 27 00:41:48 UTC 2009

On 06/26/2009 05:15 PM, Carlos Andrade wrote:
> Hello,
> Thanks NoOp to warn me about the trouble i'd get in installing this. Too bad
> i really liked it, i guess i'll avoid it then. Would you have any
> suggestions about other fonts similar to this or that would go well with
> that theme or any ideia about the other two questions?
> Thank you very much!
> Viansi

Two points first:

1. Please post only in plain text on this list.
2. Please bottom post.
It makes life here easier :-)

I can't really offer suggestions for alternate fonts. However, you can
install fontmatrix & easily have a look through fonts installed on your
system to see if there is something to suit your needs. To install from
a terminal:

$ sudo apt-get install fontmatrix

You'll then find the program in Applications|Graphics|Fontmatrix
You can export a 'font book pdf' that you can browse through.

Note: in order to install fontmatrix, you'll need to enable your
'universe' repository. See:
for instructions on how to do this.

I'm not sure I fully understand your added questions, but to add
transparency to the panels: right click the panel in a blank area,
select 'Properties', click 'Background, click 'Solid color', and slide
the 'Style' bar to the transparency that you prefer.


>> You could try this:
>> or simply download and install:
>> However, I'd recommend *not* installing at all & find another set that
>> matches your needs - particularly since you are new to Ubuntu.
>>  The sourceforge version was last updated in 2004:
>> <
>> >
>> and the fonts were removed from hardy onward:
>> [Deleted in hardy-release  (Reason: (From Debian) RoQA; orphaned,
>> RC-buggy)]
>> Installing orphaned/RC-buggy fonts is only likely to lead to trouble
>> later on.

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