Connect laptop to Boost phone?

Steve Reilly sfreilly at
Sun Jun 28 18:39:41 UTC 2009

Neil Aggarwal wrote:
> Hello:
> Does anyone out there have Boost mobile phone service?
> I just bought their unlimited monthly plan with
> the Motorola i290 phone.
> I am wondering if it is possible to connect my laptop
> to the phone so I can get on the Internet and check
> my email when I am away from the house.  Their customer
> support said they do not have a way to do that, but
> I wonder if that is just a limitation of what they
> want to support instead of a technical limitation.
> I have a Ubuntu laptop and a Windoze laptop so a solution
> that works on both would be perfect.
> Is this possible?
> If so, any idea how to do it?

if it were me, id plug it in usb to your laptop while checking dmesg,
and see if it recognizes a modem or not.  that would only be the first
step.  even if it recognizes the modem, you could try and use gnome-ppp
or another dial up client to connect.  but i dont know if boost even
offers tethering service.  that would have to be turned on first before
you could access their network.  asking them probably would be a good
idea, dont even tell them your using linux, just ask them if you can
tether your phone. probably run you another $30-$40 a month though.

I did it a while ago with my samsung d407 via usb and cingular, but it
sucked the battery so fast could only use it for an hour or 2.  cant
charge and tether at the same time, at least with that phone.  i use an
express card now, ripoff $60 a month for 5gb.


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