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bill william at
Sat Jun 27 17:37:49 UTC 2009

bill wrote:
> I have installed 9.04 server and the LAMP stack, without problem.
> I can display the "It Works" page from a browser.
> However, when I copy a working php based website to /var/www/ and try 
> to access any page, I get a 403 - Forbidden.
> I have the permissions on all the files in the directory set to 664, 
> and I am the owner and group.
My directory structure is:
/var/www/ContactManagement/login.php, which gets the 403.
If I move login.php to:
/var/www/login.php, it works just fine.
The permissions on ContactManagement are drwxrwxr-- 
and permissions on login are rw-rw-r-- (in both directories)

Bill Drescher
william {at} TechServSys {dot} com

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