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Wed Jun 24 11:50:34 UTC 2009

Fred Roller wrote:
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>> Onderwerp: Being root
>> In unix I am used to logging on as root when I need to do a series of 
>> administrative tasks, aware of the danger.
>> New to linux, I haven't found a way of logging on as root or su'ing to 
>> root. When I installed I did not enter a root password and that makes it 
>> difficult to log in.
>> How does one set the root password, or is this never done ?
>> -- 
>> Bill Drescher
>> william {at} TechServSys {dot} com
> Like you Bill I needed to be root to do a number of tasks.  For the
> occasional odds and ends I just sudo the command
> sudo [command]
> but when there is a bit of work to be done as root then the safest
> course is what Martijn suggested.
> sudo su -
> In this way your user password is all you need to remember and security
> stays in place.

No need, use sudo -i

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