Installing Windows games on Linux

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Wed Jun 24 02:01:03 UTC 2009

On Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 1:24 PM, Sally Dodge <sallydodge53 at> wrote:
> I am totally stupid my daughter knows more than me and between us and other friends we have not been able to solve our problem.
> Problem: I have games and other applications that were on windows when my daughter installed ubuntu and now we can not find them nor reload them one of the games is Fate by wildtangent and we can not down load shockwave or adobe reader both which I need to open some of my e-mails and to play some games on addictive games.

Some games will run under Wine, but not all. It's a bit of a hit or
miss. There is a pay for product "Crossover" (there is an office
component; I think there is one for other aspects) that may make it
easier for you to run windows games.

Since this is problematic at best (runninig windows games on Linux)
you may want to get more familiar with gaming on Linux in general.
There is a URL / site called the Linux Game Tome that I used early on
as a rosource (although my gaming experience is rather limeted, mostly
board (bored?) games and such, not anything exotic like first-person
shooters. My reflexes are not suited for that, and I don't envision
LInux as a platform that's designed to same me quarters at an arcade

The URL for CodeWeaver's product (games component) is here

One suggestion: using a better description for a subject line would be
more, well, helpful.:)

The url for the Linux Game Tome, aptly enough, is


> we have Wine and linux as well as pidgen but I try following direction for loadiing things but it just does not work.  The Fate game I have software back up as well as a path for

Linux games (and all other software) install cleanly through the
package management system. Are you running a desktop environment? KDE
has a lot of games, most that are installed in the kdegames package,
which you might have already had installed as part of your basic

thanks for letting me change the magnetic patterns on your hard disk.

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