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thomas smith wrote:
> Hello,
> Thanks for information.  I will try this.  
> On Fri, 2009-19-06 at 08:43 -0400, Tony Baldwin wrote:
>> Brummelen, M. van (ICT) wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> To recover your vista password, try http://home.eunet.no/~pnordahl/ntpasswd/
>> Can't you just boot vista to recovery mode and change the password?
>> I haven't ever used Vista, and have very, very little experience with 
>> XP, even, but that always worked with earlier versions of windows, and,
>> iirc, also xp.
>> My wife had a WinME machine laying around with photos on it she wanted, 
>> and couldn't remember the password for the machine.
>> I accessed the data on the disk with an ubuntu livecd, backed it up to 
>> my external usb hdd, all without a password, then reformatted and 
>> installed ubuntu for her.
>> I routinely accessed her xp machine disk in the same manner to remove
>> harmful files her AV software couldn't get, too.
>> I was always fixing those darned things...eventually just installed 
>> Ubuntu on all of them.
>> Would you believe, after fixing her computers for her, installing a 
>> better OS and everything, the ungrateful woman abandoned me?  No 
>> gratitude these days...
>> Now she has a Vista laptop, and, would you believe, still calls me for 
>> support when stuff breaks on the darned thing...
>> I tell her she's on her own, now.  She should have stuck with linux.
>> I need to find a linux-geek woman.
>> /tony
>> -- 
>> http://www.baldwinsoftware.com
>> free/open source software
>> tcl yer os with a feather...
I believe there is a way using the cmd.exe. It eludes me at this time.
Something along the lines of c:/ net user <username> /add  /admin

I haven't played in cmd.exe for some time, now.
If I remember correctly, it worked in XP. Just google net user add. I
think it is obsolete in Vista.
I think you need an admin account to do this, but I remember doing it a
few times with no account at all. CMD.exe was all I needed.

If that doesn't work, which it probably won't, then (1)Hirens may be
something you need to have around anyway.You can't go wrong there.

Some people have a problem with it. See :
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hiren%27s_Boot_CD for more on that.


Good luck and may your box act like it should, or else.
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