The final solution

Barry Pohlman barry.pohlman at
Mon Jun 22 07:10:28 UTC 2009

I observed alot of traffic on this topic. Sorry if I happen to repeat
anything said in those emails. If the install of vista is on an OEM PC
(Dell, HP, ...) they usually do not set a password for the administrator
account. The problem is that you cannot log in using that account via
the default login system. If windows is actually starting to load; IE
you are seeing the green bar scroll across you have most likely bypassed
any BIOS password. You now need to boot the computer into safe mode.

The best way I know to do this is to cause a failed bootup. You do this
by powering off the system while it is booting up. Push and hold the
power button for five seconds. When the computer boots back up it will
give you a menu of boot options.

Choose the boot into save mode. When you are in the safe mode login
screen the administrator account show show. You can click on the picture
and log in.

Using the administrator account you can get to any files you need. Down
side is that if anything is encrypted using the windows password that
you cant access you still will not be able to access those files.

If not you can set the users password from there via the user manager.

Again I am sorry if I am repeating anything stated already. Late at
night right now so I am getting a bit tired....

Hope this helps

thomas smith wrote:
> Hello, 
> I am down to the final with my efforts.  That is to
> try to unlock the password or/and reinstall Vista.
> What is the name location of  the folders of the 
> files for Evolution email's in and out files? 
> I want to copy the accumulated email folder to a 
> CD.  There is nothing else that I need to save.
> I took the advice of removing the system battery.
> It resulted in me having to reset the CMOS to the
> default (it was overclocked by the thief who was
> working at CompuSave in Lynnwood, WA) speed,
> which is okay for me.  The guy was fired.  
> For some reason the battery removal resulted in
> the ver 8.10 showing up.  It did not disable the
> password.  
> Thanks  
> Thomas 

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