The final solution

thomas smith valhalla2100 at
Mon Jun 22 06:50:55 UTC 2009


I am down to the final with my efforts.  That is to
try to unlock the password or/and reinstall Vista.

What is the name location of  the folders of the 
files for Evolution email's in and out files? 

I want to copy the accumulated email folder to a 
CD.  There is nothing else that I need to save.

I took the advice of removing the system battery.
It resulted in me having to reset the CMOS to the
default (it was overclocked by the thief who was
working at CompuSave in Lynnwood, WA) speed,
which is okay for me.  The guy was fired.  

For some reason the battery removal resulted in
the ver 8.10 showing up.  It did not disable the



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