Vista password and reinstalling Ubuntu

thomas smith valhalla2100 at
Sun Jun 21 21:44:58 UTC 2009


It just came to me that the person was assuming that the
BIOS password was the problem.  There is a BIOS password
for the computer (its been even longer than 10 years since
I used it).  Well, I am going to try unplugging the battery first.
but I think the Windows password is stored within the OS.

Obviously, the HTML format is creating some sort of problems.
Sorry.  I hate the HTML format too.  However, the text in the
other format is very small on the screen.  Maybe 6 - 5 points in

Not to create problems I will read and write using HTML format
and then convert it to the other one.

Once I get setup I am going to try some of the other e/m clients
recommended before.  The last thing I want to do is to be rude 
to the group and especially to turn off people who are trying to
help me.

I have converted this from HTML.   


On Sun, 2009-21-06 at 15:31 -0600, Karl F. Larsen wrote:

It has been over ten years since I had a problem with windows. 
I know about the BIOS password and thought windows what it is 
might be stored there too.

Too bad.

73 Karl

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