Network settings in Desktop & Server version

Roy M. setesting001 at
Sun Jun 21 10:12:34 UTC 2009


On Sun, Jun 21, 2009 at 6:09 PM, Oliver Grawert<ogra at> wrote:
> network manager is deeply integrated with the system, it asks udev and
> the kernel (through sysfs) about existing interfaces and configures them
> accordingly (configuration is handled through gconf and secured in gpg
> signed keyrings where appropriate).
> since NM is optimized for use with the desktop and requires a user
> session to run it is not really suitable for servers.
> which is why you see this discrepancy (the ancient way of using a text
> configuration file on servers vs the fully desktop integrated way of
> handling all kinds of connections (ppp, wlan, wired, G3 etc) through one
> deeply integrated desktop app)

Yes, I am interested in where it is stored (GUI config).

So I can come up with a way to standard how the network settings can be changed.

As you know if is confusing if you config network in X using one
method, then reboot into console which didn't work.

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