Forbid user control over ALSA [disable PolicyKit?]

Rashkae ubuntu at
Fri Jun 19 23:40:09 UTC 2009

Christian Svensson wrote:
> They should be able to use flash etc, but not with sound.
> If I allow them to use flash at the moment and they use something that
> produce sound (i.e. youtube) that sound will disrupt the stream from mpd.
> Exactly that example does not work in real life as my alsa does not have
> mixing, but the general idea applies.
> I want to allow the user to use whatever applications their heart desire -
> but not communicate with ALSA and the like.
> While poking around I found some things related to PolicyKit, I figured that
> it may or may not be involved but since I'm completely unfamiliar with
> PolicyKit and HAL I have no idea if I'm right in that PolicyKit is the bad
> guy. Sorry if that is completely erronous.

Is this thread still going? the answer to your question is simple, and I
apologize I haven't been paying it much mind.

You were absolutely right, the permissions are being magically added by
Policy Kit

Policykit is controlled by System -> Administration -> Authorizations
(or run 'polkit-gnome-authorization')

Find the section called "Device-access" from there you will see
"Directly access sound devices" Click edit, and change Active Console to
no.  (Active console means the user who is logged in directly to the
system, as opposed to remote log in.)


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