Forbid user control over ALSA [disable PolicyKit?]

Christian Svensson blue at
Sat Jun 20 08:27:38 UTC 2009

Excellent! Thank you!

Now, how do I do this without gnome or KDE?

Christian "BC" Svensson
Command Systems

On Sat, Jun 20, 2009 at 1:40 AM, Rashkae <ubuntu at> wrote:

> Christian Svensson wrote:
> > They should be able to use flash etc, but not with sound.
> > If I allow them to use flash at the moment and they use something that
> > produce sound (i.e. youtube) that sound will disrupt the stream from mpd.
> > Exactly that example does not work in real life as my alsa does not have
> > mixing, but the general idea applies.
> >
> > I want to allow the user to use whatever applications their heart desire
> -
> > but not communicate with ALSA and the like.
> >
> > While poking around I found some things related to PolicyKit, I figured
> that
> > it may or may not be involved but since I'm completely unfamiliar with
> > PolicyKit and HAL I have no idea if I'm right in that PolicyKit is the
> bad
> > guy. Sorry if that is completely erronous.
> >
> >
> Is this thread still going? the answer to your question is simple, and I
> apologize I haven't been paying it much mind.
> You were absolutely right, the permissions are being magically added by
> Policy Kit
> Policykit is controlled by System -> Administration -> Authorizations
> (or run 'polkit-gnome-authorization')
> Find the section called "Device-access" from there you will see
> "Directly access sound devices" Click edit, and change Active Console to
> no.  (Active console means the user who is logged in directly to the
> system, as opposed to remote log in.)
> Done
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