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On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 4:22 PM, chuck adams<chuck.adams.k7qo at> wrote:

> 1.  if the number of peers and download seeds gets
> low, if i do a pause and then restart the numbers
> increase, telling me that updates on the tracker
> are not being done or done at lengthy intervals.

As a rule, tracker queries normally take place at half-hour intervals.
Of course, how often the client scrapes is up to the coder (and is
sometimes user configurable) but half an hour is the usual rule of
thumb I use in my code.

> 2.  if i bring up the properties display and show
> peers, there are some seeds that have 100% of the
> files, but they have a lower case 'd' instead of
> 'D' indicating that they aren't allowing me to
> download from them.  How am i being blocked?
> Is it some additional ports that I need, or are
> they purposely doing this?  Inquiring minds
> want to know.

That's client specific but it's probably because they require
encryption and you are running with encryption turned off.
Alternatively you're requiring an encrpypted channel and their client
is has it switched off. Not much you can do about it, other than
toggle your own encryption status.

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