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Mark Nichols ubuntu at
Thu Jun 18 01:13:57 UTC 2009

On 06/17/2009 05:17 PM, Shannon McMackin wrote:
> On 06/17/2009 07:45 AM, Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> Oliver Grawert wrote:
>>> hi,
>>> Am Dienstag, den 16.06.2009, 09:56 -0600 schrieb Karl F. Larsen:
>>>> Hash: SHA1
>>>> 	I fooled around a lot and got the Beta version of Ubuntu onto my
>>>> computer in a directory called ubuntu-9.04. I used:

Using the beta version of the Live CD, and applying all the subsequent 
updates is a bit like buying a first year Toyota Prius, and modifying it 
yourself when each new model year is release. With diligence and dogged 
determination you might be able to keep your Prius up-to-date with the 
current model year. It is more likely however that you would have 
strange difficulties with your car. And even if at the end of all your 
efforts you had a car that looked on the outside like a factory 2010 
Prius, it would in fact not be factory. It would be unique in all the world.

The interplay of the kernel and all the packages and applications that 
exist on any given machine is immensely complex. While I believe it is 
possible to start with a beta CD and apply all the updates and have a 
"fully up-to-date" version of the operating system, and any packages or 
programs you desired, I also know that you would not have the equivalent 
of the final Live CD plus any subsequent releases.

There are some areas in life where I like to start from scratch and 
build it myself, but a daily use operating system is not one of them.

Good luck to you Karl, and remember the advice many have given you here 
to start with the Final Live CD and not a beta, when strange or 
unexplained errors and difficulties crop up in your environment. And on 
the off chance that your reach computing nirvana and have an absolutely 
stable system, congratulations.


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