Forbid user control over ALSA

Christian Svensson blue at
Tue Jun 16 21:44:39 UTC 2009


I have a server that is running ALSA with MPD. It's essential that the users
on the server is not allowed to change volume - piece of cake I thought.
The server needs to have Xorg running (fluxbox + firefox). I figured it was
a matter of simply not having the user in the group audio - man was I

I belive it's PolicyKit that kindly enough changed the permissions on
/dev/snd/* to include an ACL-record of the user that logged on.
I've spent a few hours googling around, but a solution is nowhere to be
found - this is not your every day problem, I'm sure.

So please, how would I disable this "feature"?


Christian "BC" Svensson
Command Systems
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