How to configure vlc stream server in ubuntu 8.04

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Dear friends,
                      This is the way to configure VLC stream server . How
to configure VLS stream server.

   1. First, you need to download VLC.
   2. Install it on each computer that you want to be able to watch the
   3. Run VLC on the main computer. This is going to be the "master", which
   will be broadcasting to all the others. The "master" won't show video
   locally. You'll have to open a new VLC and connect like others if you want
   to watch on the main computer.
   4. Click File, then Wizard (ctrl+W in XP). This opens the
   streaming/transcoding wizard. Make sure Stream to Network is selected and
   click Next.
   5. For the Input screen, you have two choices. If the file/disc is
   already in the playlist, then go with Existing Playlist Item and select the
   appropriate item from the list you want to play. Conversely, you can Select
   a Stream to choose from a browse box which files/disc to play . After
   getting the playlist set up, click Next.
   6. On the Streaming screen, select RTP Multicast. Below that, fill in the
   special Multicast address you will be broadcasting to (see Tips). Click
   7. Click Next again for the Encapsulation Format.
   8. For Additional Streaming Options, enter one for Time-to-Live unless
   you have multiple routers on your network, which is pretty rare for home
   networks. You could put 2 or 3 just to be safe, if you suspect that there is
   more than one.
   9. Under Time-to-Live is SAP announce. Check the box and enter a name or
   phrase that will identify the stream for people in their playlists, like Elm
   Street Theater, or Casablanca... whatever.
   10. Now click Finish to begin the streaming of the files.
   11. Open another VLC instance (on another computer or the same computer)
   and open the Playlist (ctrl+P in XP). Click Manage, Services Discovery, then
   SAP announcements. An item should appear in your playlist called, strangely
   enough, Session announcements. The default time for announcements is 5
   minutes. After that time you should see the name or phrase for your stream
   under the Announcements item. Double click on the name and it should start
   12. If you don't want to wait for the SAP, go to File, Open Network
   Stream. Choose UDP/RTP Multicast and enter the multicast address that the
   video is being broadcast to/on. Leave the port numbers alone and click Ok to
   begin the video playing on the remote VLC. Do this for each computer who
   wants to watch. Enjoy.

jiten jha

On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 3:28 PM, jiten jha <jitenjha11 at>wrote:

> Dear friends,
>                    I follow that steps but it is not working.
>                     I finished  vlc Streaming Media Server on Ubuntu
> 8.04LTS (Hardy Heron) in my pc . I follow that steps
> 1>  sudo apt-get install vlc screen
> When installation is finish than i run that command .
> 2>  vlc -I http
> 3> Then browse to server by going to http://ip address:8080/<http://your.server.ip:8080/>
>  in firefox
> 4> select any video file and play it in my pc.
> 5> Go to other pc.
> 6> In that pc i open vlc player and  press " Ctrl + N ".
> 7> select UDP/RTP  and port 1234.
> In Advanced option
> 8> Customize option and put there my ip address where vlc is running . like
> ( udp://@ )
> 9>  Select Stream/Save option.
>       Click to setting option
> 10> Select UDP option and put there ip address.
> 11> But when i go to playing list and select my pc ip address (udp://@
> than video not work.
> 12> Client side
>  open vlc player and press Ctrl + N
>  click network option and select UDP/RTP and port is 1234 .
>  when click to play button videos not play and giving some error . i
> sending you that error snap shoot.
>  I searching on google but not getting solution.
> Plz help me to solve that problem.
> How can i play video in vlc stream server and i install vlc-0.9.9 in my pc.
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> On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 7:12 AM, NoOp <glgxg at> wrote:
>> On 06/09/2009 04:00 AM, jiten jha wrote:
>> > Dear friends,
>> >                   I want to configure vlc stream server in my pc then
>> how i
>> > can configure it. I searched on google and try in vlc forum but not
>> getting
>> > any way to install vlc stream server in my pc . Tell me the way .
>> >
>> >
>> Nothing here helped?
>> <
>> >
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