Jaunty reloaded and working

H.S. hs.samix at gmail.com
Sat Jun 13 15:03:42 UTC 2009

Karl F. Larsen wrote:
> H.S. wrote:
>> Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>> However, you still haven't been able to explain how you screwed up your
>> own /etc/hosts. 
> 	That is easy. I had named my Jaunty "mycrap" when I loaded it the first
> time. I wanted to change this to Jaunty. I tried several times with the
> Terminal writing $sudo hostname jaunty and it would change for the time
> it was up but then revert to mycrap on the next re-boot.
> 	So I found /etc/hostname and I changed it there. That was fine but
> should also have changed it in /etc/hosts.
> 	Is that clear?

Okay. It took quite a few times asking you to explain it, but okay.
Etiquette and thoroughness requires that you explain the first time you
solve the problem and realize what was wrong. Brings closure to the problem.

> At present, it is clear you have no clue what happened
>> with your system that you are administering. Given these factors, I
>> suggested you start with the most reliable method of installation at
>> your disposal. But hey, whatever rocks your boat.
> 	Well you said that using the Beta version would not work. This is not
> true, it works fine.

Wrong. Show/quote where I said it "would not work".

> 	This version I did yesterday has no problems I have found. It has
> Breserio to make CD-Roms and also the Gnome system which I like. I found
> the PGP numbers from my old setup at /home/karl/.gnupg/ and got it
> working again better than it was.
> 	I did follow the exact same path last time. But last time I got very
> mad at Totem and I deleted Totem. That is an error since Bresario uses
> some of Totems libs.

AFAIK, removing the package 'totem' is not supposed to remove the libs
required by Brasero. Looks like you did something more drastic that just
remove 'totem'. (But if you literally mean "deleted", then that must be
the problem.)

> 	This time I played Moviemaker's game and got the drivers it needed to
> play .wmv and .avi files just like VLC does right out of the bag. Then I
> got the codex needed to play movies on VLC and by golly Moviemaker
> actually can display a movie too.

Good for you.


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