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Fri Jun 12 23:48:25 UTC 2009

Define "real mailing list" any way you want. I gave very clear and 
reasonable features for an improved Express-type mailing list.

When I find out how to make Express or a Linux email program meet those 
criteria, the job will be done.


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> Amedee Van Gasse (ubuntu) wrote:
>> Piper schreef:
>>> I am not a wannabe mail administrator. I am already an MA when I use the
>>> Windows Express Adddress Book to create lists under various names.
>> I'm sorry that I have to be the person that brings you the bad news
>> (again!), but you are not a mail administrator in the sense that most
>> people on this list understand the word administrator. You are "just" a
>> user. Perhaps a power user, but still a user.
>> And another thing. A real administrator will use the proper names for
> ... clippage...
>> Before you are trying to get away with anything, you should first make
>> up your mind about what you want.
>>> With WEAB I can set up a mail list called ABC with 50 people on it and 
>>> then
>>> administer the ABC list. I can set up a lot of other lists like this and
>>> administer them too .... as I do.
>> What you call a list, is *not* a mailing list. It is a group address
>> that is actually a "shortcut" to a lot of other addresses. You aren't
>> administrating anything, you are just adding and removing addresses.
>> A *real* mailing list is something else. I'm not going to explain it
>> here, read Wikipedia or google it.
> ... more clippage ...
>>> There are a couple of immediate problems with WEAB SW. (1) It does not 
>>> allow
>>> people to sub/unsub via autoresponder or forward postings to all 
>>> subscribers
>>> by autoresponder;
>> Because it is a mail client that only works on *your* computer.
>> If you want subscriptions, you need *server* software, not *client*
>> software.
> (I'm stupefieid that this had to be explained to the bloke...)
>>> (2) It does not allow access to an archive. I downloaded
>>> SW called "Mail List King" to see if it would solve these problems and 
>>> it
>>> did not, otherwise I would have purchased it.
> It sounds like you (Piper) should set up a google group or yahoo! group
> or something of that nature (likely a real listserv might be a bit too
> complex for you, considering your vast knowledge of how stuff works :P ).
> Then you will have a *mail list* with an archive and from which your
> friends can subscribe/unsubscribe at will.
> You would have the added bonus features of being able to post files to a
> yahoo! group and send a link to them to your list, without attaching a
> message, having a calendar for the list that sends reminders, add polls
> to the groups and send them to the list, and other fun goodies.
> (disclaimer: Yahoo! does not pay me to advertise their services).  You
> could determine who is permitted to send to said list, determine whether
> people can automatically subscribe, or whether said subscription
> requires your approval, etc., etc.
> I'm not too sure of all what google groups offers, because I haven't
> made much use of them, but I believe they have similar functions.
> The only software you need on your machine to make that work is a web
> browser.
> good luck with that...
> /tony
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