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Tony Baldwin photodharma at
Fri Jun 12 20:18:06 UTC 2009

Amedee Van Gasse (ubuntu) wrote:
> Piper schreef:
>> I am not a wannabe mail administrator. I am already an MA when I use the 
>> Windows Express Adddress Book to create lists under various names.
> I'm sorry that I have to be the person that brings you the bad news
> (again!), but you are not a mail administrator in the sense that most
> people on this list understand the word administrator. You are "just" a
> user. Perhaps a power user, but still a user.
> And another thing. A real administrator will use the proper names for

... clippage...

> Before you are trying to get away with anything, you should first make
> up your mind about what you want.
>> With WEAB I can set up a mail list called ABC with 50 people on it and then 
>> administer the ABC list. I can set up a lot of other lists like this and 
>> administer them too .... as I do.
> What you call a list, is *not* a mailing list. It is a group address
> that is actually a "shortcut" to a lot of other addresses. You aren't
> administrating anything, you are just adding and removing addresses.
> A *real* mailing list is something else. I'm not going to explain it
> here, read Wikipedia or google it.

... more clippage ...

>> There are a couple of immediate problems with WEAB SW. (1) It does not allow 
>> people to sub/unsub via autoresponder or forward postings to all subscribers 
>> by autoresponder;
> Because it is a mail client that only works on *your* computer.
> If you want subscriptions, you need *server* software, not *client*
> software.

(I'm stupefieid that this had to be explained to the bloke...)

>> (2) It does not allow access to an archive. I downloaded 
>> SW called "Mail List King" to see if it would solve these problems and it 
>> did not, otherwise I would have purchased it.

It sounds like you (Piper) should set up a google group or yahoo! group 
or something of that nature (likely a real listserv might be a bit too 
complex for you, considering your vast knowledge of how stuff works :P ).
Then you will have a *mail list* with an archive and from which your 
friends can subscribe/unsubscribe at will.
You would have the added bonus features of being able to post files to a 
yahoo! group and send a link to them to your list, without attaching a 
message, having a calendar for the list that sends reminders, add polls 
to the groups and send them to the list, and other fun goodies. 
(disclaimer: Yahoo! does not pay me to advertise their services).  You 
could determine who is permitted to send to said list, determine whether 
people can automatically subscribe, or whether said subscription 
requires your approval, etc., etc.
I'm not too sure of all what google groups offers, because I haven't 
made much use of them, but I believe they have similar functions.
The only software you need on your machine to make that work is a web 

good luck with that...


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