OT: Unix or UNIX or unix

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk
Thu Jun 11 05:27:24 UTC 2009

CJ Kelley wrote:
>     Duh...Kerberos anyone? Embrace and then destroy has been one of
>     Microsoft's most often used tactic? Active Directory is just
>     Kerberos +
>     LDAP + DNS + MS Extensions but the last portion is sufficient to
>     prevent
>     interoperability for key services. They would do the same to TCP/IP if
>     they could get away with it but alas, they have to maintain some
>     interoperability with other operating systems. Until there is no other
>     competition anyway.
> i dont see linux going away any time soon..especially when theres 
> windows vista (and the up comming windows 7)

If Microsoft ever manages to secure the server market (and therefore the 
Internet, everything) with Windows server, you can kiss interoperability 
for anything goodbye. Of course, this will never happen. The day when 
50% of all banks, governments, blah institution, run their entire 
systems on Windows will never appear.

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