"most users with cable modem can host a site"

Piper pay_the_piper at shaw.ca
Thu Jun 11 02:35:01 UTC 2009

I see no reason Shaw cable would object as long as the bandwith is not 
excessive as you say, and the listserve is not commercial because it does 
not differ from their perspective from what I do now with Windows Express 
and its Address Book. I am not competing with anybody's ISP. If 
Yahoo/Geocities had kept on doing what they did a few years ago I would not 
even have purchased a Linux machine.

For example I send out to 50 people under the ABC list name in Express 
Address Book. Using Majordomo (or Mailman I expect) I can send out to the 
same 50 under the ABC list name. It is just a matter of having better email 
SW. With Majordomo/Mailman, subscribers have an autoresponder so they can 
more easily unsubscribe for example. They can examine archives whenever they 
want, etc. Maybe Express should have been written this way in the beginning.

Now I have a question about Mailman before I have a technical guy at the 
puter shop spend 3-5 hours on the DOS/Command Line instructions.

CAN I use Mailman like I now use Express? In other words can I ask the 
computer shop to switch to it with Ubuntu OS instead of its usual email 
program (Evolution)?

Beyond that does anyone know if Mailman will accept images from a scanner in 
its archives or any file where list subscribers can access it since I like 
to use pictures with email list discussion.


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 - most users I
> know with cable modems can host a site, but they are subject to throttling
> if they use too much bandwidth, and their TOS explicitly exclude running
> commercial servers.  Also, originating mail from your home site isn't a
> problem, as long as it goes through the ISP's SMTP server - I do tech
> support, and have never had a complaint that email from Rogers customers
> was
> bounced except in a single case where the user didn't use the Rogers
> smarthost.  However, I generally agree.
> I'd add another reason for keeping your mail servers on a hosted site,
> though. My domain's MX is at gmail.  Gmail is catching 4000 spams per day
> for ONE user (me).  My satellite modem throttles me if I download 100MB,
> and
> that spam seems to average out at about half of my limit!
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