"most users with cable modem can host a site"

Amedee Van Gasse (ubuntu) amedee-ubuntu at amedee.be
Thu Jun 11 13:40:08 UTC 2009

Please stay inside the mailthread.

To anybody else reading this: please don't go nitpicking on tiny
technical details. They don't matter in this particular case.

Piper schreef:
> I see no reason Shaw cable would object as long as the bandwith is 
> not excessive as you say, and the listserve is not commercial

My former ISP, Telenet (Belgium) objects to running public services on
residential connections.

> because it does not differ from their perspective from what I do now 
> with Windows Express and its Address Book.

I don't know what Windows Express is, but from your mail headers I learn
that you are using Microsoft Outlook Express version 6.
Outlook Express is a Mail User Agent (MUA), it works as client (user)
software. The only thing that a MUA does, is show you the mail in a POP
or IMAP mailbox, and send outgoing mail to the smtp server or mail
transport agent (MTA) of your provider.

> I am not competing with anybody's ISP.

Yes you *are* competing with an ISP.
When you run a listserver, it is always integrated with a mailserver, a
MTA. So you should be running an MTA on your residential connection.
However the ISP is also running a MTA. In theory you could be competing
with them. They don't know that it's just for your personal mailing
list: a MTA is a MTA and can be used for running any kind of mail service.

This is just a theoretical consideration.
In practice it depends on the Acceptable Use Policy of your ISP.

> If Yahoo/Geocities had kept on doing what they did a few years ago I
> would not even have purchased a Linux machine.

I can't comment because I don't know either.

> For example I send out to 50 people under the ABC list name in 
> Express Address Book. Using Majordomo (or Mailman I expect) I can 
> send out to the same 50 under the ABC list name. It is just a matter 
> of having better email SW. With Majordomo/Mailman, subscribers have 
> an autoresponder so they can more easily unsubscribe for example. 
> They can examine archives whenever they want, etc. Maybe Express 
> should have been written this way in the beginning.

Ouch... you are giving me a headache.
Now you are comparing client software (MUA) with server software (MTA/MDA).
It's clear to me that you are completely missing the point on what a
mailing list is all about.

Let me ask you a question.
[1] Do you want to use a "mailing list" only to send your emails to a
group of people?
[2] Do you want a *real* list, where anybody on the list can send an
email, and everybody else will receive it?

If your answer is [1], then I think that you should stick with Outlook

> Now I have a question about Mailman before I have a technical guy at 
> the puter shop spend 3-5 hours on the DOS/Command Line instructions.

You talk about DOS on a Linux mailing list. Oranges and apples.

> CAN I use Mailman like I now use Express?


> In other words can I ask the computer shop to switch to it with
> Ubuntu OS instead of its usual email program (Evolution)?

Again, you are comparing apples with oranges.

In the Windows world, you have:
* Operating system: Windows OS (XP, Vista,...)
* Mail server (MTA): Microsoft Exchange
* List server: dunno name, but integrated with Exchange
* Mail client (MUA): Outlook Express, Outlook, Thunderbird,...

In the Linux world, you have:
* Operating system: Linux OS (Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Mandriva,...)
* Mail server (MTA): Sendmail, Postfix, Exim,...
* List server: Mailman, Majordomo,... integrated with Sendmail, Postfix,...
* Email program (MUA): Evolution, Thunderbird, Kmail,...

> Beyond that does anyone know if Mailman will accept images from a 
> scanner

No, it wil not accept images directly from a scanner.
It wil accept images that are sent as attachments in an email.

> in its archives or any file where list subscribers can access
> it since I like to use pictures with email list discussion.

Any email that you send to mailman, can be archived.
Any email can contain an attached image.
Any archived email can be put on a public archive.

If you want to see an example of such an archive, look at

I hope this helps, but I am afraid that I have confused you even more.
Kind regards,

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