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Verde Denim tdldev at
Wed Jun 10 20:19:50 UTC 2009

I'm running 8.04 and want to install Netbeans 6.5 full from SUN.
I think that the SUN site has a more recent version and more components than
the repo version.
But I'd like to install it so that it is a common app, rather than install
to my home directory.
It seems the most likely place to install it would be /usr/local or possibly
in /opt.
I started having this conversation here a while ago but the system I had up
crashed, so I
just bought new hardware and am in the process of finalizing the apps

The install instructions from Ubuntu say to run the shell installation
script as sudo into the user's home.
If I run this as sudo in /usr/local or /opt, the only difference is the core
permissions in that directory, so I'm not sure
that an alternate install directory would work completely.

Has anyone here installed nb to a different directory other than
/home/<user> ?

Is there anything specific I might need to do in order for it to run

Thanks for the input - as always.

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