GNU/Linux? Was: Re: OT: Corel Linux (hijacked from Re: Chrome on Ubuntu)

Chris Jones christopher.rob.jones at
Wed Jun 10 18:13:53 UTC 2009

> Well, GNU came first. It was the GNU compilers and editors that were
> used to build Linux. But I don't know if that's the actual reason or
> not...

I always thought the reason was because there is much more 'GNU stuff'  
than 'kernel stuff', so The GNU part is bigger than the Linux part,  
hence it comes first... Not sure how true that is these days with the  
kernel as it is now ... Or perhaps because users interact with the GNU  
bits but not really the kernel bits...

Note that GNU also have there own kernel (not really extensively used,  
but the website claims it is still under development...)

So GNU system based on that would I guess be called GNU/Hurd (or maybe  
GNU/GNU-Hurd, or just plain GNU)...

cheers Chris

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