Chrome on Ubuntu: Install it now, show interest in promoting companies to write Linux software!

Matt Harrison matt.harrison82 at
Wed Jun 10 11:01:39 UTC 2009

On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 6:22 AM, Dotan Cohen<dotancohen at> wrote:
>> I have a special message for e-mail newbies that complain about top posting:
> I have a special message for e-mail newbies that insist on top posting:
> *plonk*
> I've been using email since you were using crayons. Don't try pulling
> the newbie stick with me, guppy. In my day email was _per_machine_ (no
> silly @ in the address), both ways uphill, and console based because
> there was no GUI. Text formatting? The printer even had a fixed-font
> daisy wheel! Top posting? If you'd waste four bits of bandwidth the NA
> would beat your two bits into a one-bit hole. Now get off my lawn.
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> Dotan Cohen
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Like Karl was told....Dotan....get a blog....

About 80% of the posts on this topic are from you...This thread is
slowly reminding me of Karl and his Wicd thread.  But, you know...I
wasn't verbose enough on my dislike of Google, even though I use
G-Mail.  I like Google better than Microsoft, but their business
practices leave something to be desired, at least by me...and possible
the guy who wrote the Forum Thread I read about securing Firefox
against Google.

So yes, I do have Cookies turned off, Ad-Block installed and NoScript
running because I would rather not give Google and other companies
like it an open invitation to my computer and my information without
at least a chance at knowing what they are doing.

Do I think it is great that Google is working on a Linux version of
Chrome....not particularly, but that is just because of the company,
but I do see the monumental impact that can be had when a company as
big as Google begins writing software for the Linux platform.  So on
the other side of things, yes I think it is very cool they are doing

However, on a personal side, it's about as cool as Microsoft writing a
version of Office for Linux.

Again, this is my opinion, I'm not some ZOMG Google Bad newbie on the
Internet, I just choose not to be overly wordy on some posts because
then you end up sounding like a jackass as I am sure I have made
myself sound here...

I'm glad you are uber happy for a Linux version of Chrome.  I hope it
works out for you very well.

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