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Tue Jun 9 19:08:47 UTC 2009

On 09/06/09 08:59 AM, Derek Broughton wrote:
> I would say "most" ISP's might actually be an overstatement - most users I 
> know with cable modems can host a site, but they are subject to throttling 
> if they use too much bandwidth, and their TOS explicitly exclude running 
> commercial servers.  Also, originating mail from your home site isn't a 
> problem, as long as it goes through the ISP's SMTP server - I do tech 
> support, and have never had a complaint that email from Rogers customers was 
> bounced except in a single case where the user didn't use the Rogers 
> smarthost.  However, I generally agree.

Rogers has the most odious policies for using their, actually, Yahoo's
mail servers. They require each "vanity" email account, i.e. email
accounts in your domain, to be "registered" with Yahoo. It's not
practical to do that if you have more than a handful of them because
there is no easy way to specify "handle everything from",
apparently. I don't know the details because I don't use the
Rogers/Yahoo SMTP server. There is another factor and it's that some
people who have been through this process tell me that "coincidentally",
after they "registered" their email accounts with Yahoo, they saw a huge
increase in spam.

The Rogers TOS prohibits running any type of server, by the way, though
I know people who run low-volume web sites from it. It's completely
arbitrary. I know people whose service was terminated without warning
when Rogers discovered they were running a web server at home.

As for using the Rogers "smarthost", there is nothing smart about it.
It's rate-limited to X messages/hour. All these measures are intended to
fight spam but they also catch many legitimate users. In fact, I'd say
they hurt legitimate users more than they hurt spammers.

> I'd add another reason for keeping your mail servers on a hosted site, 
> though. My domain's MX is at gmail.  Gmail is catching 4000 spams per day 
> for ONE user (me).  My satellite modem throttles me if I download 100MB, and 
> that spam seems to average out at about half of my limit!

Google is not unique in doing spam filtering.

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