Listserve and WWW site info on a home PC

Derek Broughton derek at
Wed Jun 10 00:21:39 UTC 2009


> On 09/06/09 08:59 AM, Derek Broughton wrote:
>> I would say "most" ISP's might actually be an overstatement - most users
>> I know with cable modems can host a site, but they are subject to
>> throttling if they use too much bandwidth, and their TOS explicitly
>> exclude running
>> commercial servers.
> Rogers has the most odious policies for using their, actually, Yahoo's
> mail servers. 

No arguments there :-(  I said "most" might be an overstatement, because 
most other cablemodem users I know in North America don't suffer from being 
Rogers clients :-)

> As for using the Rogers "smarthost", there is nothing smart about it.
> It's rate-limited to X messages/hour. All these measures are intended to
> fight spam but they also catch many legitimate users. In fact, I'd say
> they hurt legitimate users more than they hurt spammers.

Again, no argument there - though I can't say such rate limiting would 
bother me.  In fact, I'd voluntarily use such a thing to ensure that I 
_knew_ if somebody was sending spam as me - but it shouldn't be applied 
arbitrarily.  But the point is that if your mail goes through there, it 
won't (well, at least shouldn't) get bounced at its destination, while I 
have no qualms at all about bouncing mail from an SMTP server at a Rogers 
end-user IP.
>> I'd add another reason for keeping your mail servers on a hosted site,
>> though. My domain's MX is at gmail.  Gmail is catching 4000 spams per day
>> for ONE user (me).  My satellite modem throttles me if I download 100MB,
>> and that spam seems to average out at about half of my limit!
> Google is not unique in doing spam filtering.

Not at all - I didn't even suggest one should use Google.  I'm just saying 
that because my MX is hosted outside my local net, _I_ don't download that 
50MB of spam every day, because the hosting site already isolated it.  For 
me, google works.  That's because I have a two-employee company, me and my 
wife.  If it was much larger, I'd want a real hosted solution.

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