9.04 added more graphic memory - how do I reconfigure

Carl Friis-Hansen ubuntuuser at carl-fh.com
Tue Jun 9 13:34:42 UTC 2009

I have a max resolution of 1024x768 on an ASUS with internal Intel.  I
found that the BIOS had only reserved 8MB.  I changed this to 32MB and
Sadly this didn't give me any higher option.

My question is:  Is there a way to have this added memory recognized by
the X-server, or is there another logic reason why I do not get anything

I don't really understand how the machine could display 1024x768 in the
first place, with only 8MB from the main RAM, but I suppose the onboard
card already had a bit of RAM.

All the Googling only revealed scenarios of malfunctioning displays.

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