Creating a installable user program for different distros

Juan De Mola juan.demola at
Mon Jun 8 19:54:45 UTC 2009

Alain Muls escribió:
> Hi
> At our company we have a discussion.
> Currently we develop a Qt4 based program that gets installed on Windows 
> and RedHat. A customer asked for a SuSE version, but my (windows) 
> colleagues are reluctant to create a version for SuSE (and Ubuntu).
> I made the remark that they create a XP, Vista and 7 Windows version, so 
> that creating 3 Linux versions would equal the WIndows job.
> My colleague answered that all window versions were the same :-(
> Is it possible to create 1 version for Linux installable on those 3 
> Linux versions?
> Tx/Alain
May be or may be not. Depending on the target linux distro you will need
make some changes to ensure your program will work 100% as expected. One
package for Debian can be installed in Ubuntu but in most cases is not a
good idea: you risk the entire system stability.

The Windows installer for XP, Vista and Seven works well in the 3
because the core system is practically the same and Microsoft need keep
the compatibility in order to get most software working in each new
version from the day 0.

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